Pump Organ

Stavanger’s Original 1909 Pump Organ Returns Home

December 1, 2008 marked the “Homecoming” of our beautiful pump organ. 

It was generously donated back to Stavanger by its owner, Mr. Tom Tolbert in South Carolina.

About 1958, this organ was replaced with a modern electric organ. Later D.W. Olson obtained the organ from is brother Roy Olson (owner of the former Roy Olson Music store) and lovingly restored it in the late 1960’s.  This organ was then passed to his son, Chuck Olson. Chuck and Tom met whle in graduate school in the early 1970’s.  When Chuck took a job in New York City, he knew he’d not have room for the organ that had so much sentimental value.  He contacted his friend Tom, who he knew was a church musician, and who would love an appreciate this beautiful organ.  Tom used and cared for the organ for many years. When it came time to think about downsizing, he knew the organ rightfully belonged back at its original home – Stavanger.

In 1909 the ladies decided they needed an organ for the church and sent for one from the Sears Roebuck and Co.  The cost was:
  • Organ:  $49.45
  • Freight:  $4.29
  • Song Book:  $1.20
  • Bank Draft:  $0.25
  • Bank Charge:  $0.25
  • Total: $55.44

Once it was known his intention to return the organ to us, there was much excitement!  After many phone calls by Audrey Stach, the connections fell in place.

God opened the door through Keith Olson (no relation) of Olson Furniture to have the organ transported here with a delivery of furniture from that area.  Tom wwent above and beyond in loving care in crating the organ for delivery.

So at 4pm on December 1, 2008…the organ was delivered by Keith.  It was a cold 11* outside, but a lot of warmth and excitement inside as the careful unpacking of the organ began.

Here is the unpacking crew!

The organ is every bit as beautiful and functional as it was 100 years ago!

This treasured gift is a part of Stavanger’s heritage!